Heel cushions can be effective in relieving the intense pain of plantar fasciitis. Viscoelastic pads cost more but last longer and are less likely to aggravate existing heel pain.

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This viscoelastic heel pad with anatomically contoured soft cushioning is indicated for plantar fasciitis. Star-shaped anchoring of the blue spot ensures a smooth transition between the harder and softer materials, thereby reducing pressure at the edges. Softer material (blue spot) incorporated in the calcaneal spur area provides targeted relief. Reduces impact loads on the foot, ankle, knee, hip and spine.

• Manufacturer: BAUERFEIND USA INC

• Sizes: Heel pad sizes are based on shoe size. See below for proper sizing.

> Small: (Men's: 5 - 6.5; Women's: 3-8)
> Large: (Men's: 7.5+; Women's: 8.5+)

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