Plantar Fasciitis Night Sock


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This plantar fasciitis sock provides effective nighttime relief for plantar fasciitis while also offering an alternative to those who find night splints too cumbersome. This low profile sock is easy to use and comfortable to wear. It helps eliminate the sharp pain of plantar fasciitis by putting the plantar fascia in a cofortabvle, stretched position during sleep.

The sock's patented Trioxon® lining creates a micro-climate that maintains elevated skin temperature while still allowing the skin to breathe for long-term comfort. The spiral structure of the lining lifts moisture away from the skin and traps air within the lining to prevent excessive perspiration. Clinically proven to increase subcutaneous skin temperature 2° to 3° for the optimal heat therapy level.

• Manufacturer: SWEDE-O INC

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> X-Small: (Men's Shoe Size 3-5; Women's Shoe Size 4-6)
> Small: (Men's Shoe Size 6-7; Women's Shoe Size 7-9)
> Medium : (Men's Shoe Size 8-10; Women's Shoe Size 10 - 11)
> Large: (Men's Shoe Size 11-12; Women's Shoe Size 12-13)
> X-Large: (Men's Shoe Size 13-14; Women's Shoe Size 14+)
> XX-Large: (Men's Shoe Size 15)

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