Night splints

Night splints stretch the plantar fascia during the night, which relieves the intense morning pain most people experience with plantar fasciitis. Scroll down to buy our #1 recommended night splint or click here to read more about night splints.


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• This night splint helps alleviate arch and heel pain while you sleep. It comfortably positions your foot in controlled dorsiflexion, which provides a gentle stretch to the plantar fascia and Achilles tendon. Easy to use and comfortable to wear, this splint features hook-and-loop straps for easy adjustment and includes a foam toe wedge. Not for ambulatory use. Fits either foot; latex free.

• Manufacturer: BODYSPORT

• Sizes: Night splint are based on show sizes. See below for proper sizing.

> Small: (Men's: Up to 7.0; Women's: Up to 7.5)
> Medium : (Men's: 7.5 - 10.0; Women's: 8 -10.5)
> Large: (Men's: 10.5+; Women's:11+)

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